The Ultimate Bachelor Pad by Designer Mike Valles

I caught up with one of my favorite designers and the owner of Interior Illusions, Mike Valles. He consistently dresses in style and if there were an ideal “bachelor” look, his look might fit the mold. Therefore, I wasn’t surprised to see his personal style transform the design of one of the W Hollywood Residence suites. In true bachelor style, he was fortunate to have the presence and design expertise of his female counterpart, Interior Illusions interior designer Eileen Keshishian.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As I was looking around the W suite, I could see how the decor items could fit seamlessly into a bachelor lifestyle. To accomplish this particular aesthetic, we asked Mike to list his personal essentials for the ultimate bachelor pad.

  • Privacy: For those sleepless nights, blackout curtains allow for privacy and when you need some rest, the ultimate nights sleep.
  • Sheer Curtains/Beaded Curtains: On the other hand, the combination of sheer and beaded curtains allow for transparent visibility. The voyeur in you can enjoy the lack of privacy.
  • Entertaining and Technology: The entertaining essentials include a media room equipped with an iPod Docking Station, surround sound, and a large HDTV television.
  • Multi-Use Furniture: A dining table that converts into a pool table accommodates a formal dinner for 8 or a round of pool by simply removing the table top.
  • Sleek and Sexy Materials: It is important to chose textures that appeal to your senses. Ideal materials for a sexy pad include smooth countertops, stainless steel tiles, and a mood inducing color palette.
  • Comfort: Sofas that are upholstered in a premium fabric and filled with down give the piece an amazing texture. When guests visit it is great to have a space they feel comfortable just relaxing and lounging in.
  • Location: Being located in close proximity to nightlife, restaurants, clubs, and fitness facilities is a plus for a bachelor pad.
  • The “Cool” Factor: Elements such as a fireplace, beaded curtains, and an incredible view, gives the space the “cool” factor.
  • Scents: Burning candles not only create a sexy mood, but also add a welcoming aroma to the space.
  • Full Service Amenities: If the bachelor pad is a part of a larger building, then having amenties such as room service and housekeeping attribute to the ultimate bachelor pad.