The Ultimate DIY Container Garden: The Verdict Is In

The Ultimate DIY Container Garden: The Verdict Is In

Jennifer Hunter
Jul 12, 2013

Back in April I told you about a no-frills, experimental container garden made from reusable shopping bags and a puppy wading pool. It's not very pretty, but did it work?  

It worked like gangbusters!  In fact, the tomato plants grew so big that several of the bags had to be relocated — there just wasn't room for all five in the pool anymore.      

To recap:

• The reusable bags are made of breathable mesh so they hold the potting soil but let air and water flow through.

• Keeping a few inches of water in the pool allows the plants to absorb what they need without the danger of overwatering and rot.  

• The set-up is super portable (they are grocery bags after all) so it's simple to move them as necessary — into the sun, for example.  

So there you have it, folks.  Sometimes the best (and most delicious) things come in unlikely packages.  Now, who wants to come over for lunch?

(Images: Jim Hunter)

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