The Ultimate Gift? The Chocolate Encased iPad!

Men like Stefan are the sort other men grumble about, but grudgingly respect, because you can’t deny this is pretty darn admirable of a surprise to spring on your tech-loving better half. You see, Mr. Romantic here knew his wife, an Apple fanatic, would love one of Cupertino’s latest offerings. But he didn’t want to just wrap it up all nice in gift wrap like the typical bloke. Nooooo…Stefan had to take it another level and encase the brand new iPad inside chocolate!

Stefan explains over at his blog Ahead Robot:

Anyone who knows my wife, @kerrching, knows that she’s an Apple nut. Also, with a June birthday, she has conveniently positioned herself perfectly for the Apple release cycle. An iPad was inevitable for her birthday, but I knew that if I just delivered a wrapped box, there wouldn’t be much of a surprise. Where’s the fun in that? So I rang my friends James and Paul, who happens to run the finest chocolate shop in London, Paul A Young Fine Chocolates and said “Could you freeze an iPad in chocolate carbonite, and have it survive?”. They weren’t sure, but were willing to give it a go.

And by the series of images above, you can see Stefan’s friends James and Paul were able to meet his request. We especially love the photo where Stefan’s wife realizes what’s inside. Well played, Mr. Magdalinski, well played!

(Image: Flickr member Stefan Magdalinski licensed for use under Creative Commons)