Christie’s Ultimate His & Hers Media Wall

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As we’ve seen, sharing tech in small space with your significant other isn’t an easy thing – especially if both are gadget geeks like Unplggd readers Christie and Chris from Toronto, Canada. Here’s how they attacked the problem of his and hers when it came down to the entertainment wall…

While going horizontal has been a popular trend for the space-sharing couple category, this is probably the first time we’ve seen things go completely vertical.

Christie says:

Chris’ TV is above. 46 inch LCD and his tower is on the right hand side. Bottom TV is mine, 46 inch LED and the tower on the left would obviously be mine.

And for the record, we both originally had dual monitor setups (Chris had his connected to his tv, I’m new to this whole 46 inch pc gaming bidness and until this setup happened, I swore I would never ever go wireless. But…I have caved.) but we honestly do like playing side by side…. one 46 inch beats my double monitor setup any day. But to each their own, ya know?

Also we have a great wireless headset available when necessary. We also have two alienware laptops for when friends come over and want to play with us or if we are on vacation.

Sounds like a happy gaming couple if we’ve ever seen one. Of course, one may immediately point out the hysterical viewing angle of the top TV and the potential sound clashing problems if no one’s budging to use their headsets, but like Christie says, “To each their own, ya know?”

[Via Kotaku]