The Ultimate Homemade Crib

We love to see a homemade play kitchen, play store, or work bench, but a homemade crib just puts us over the edge. In the past we’ve seen some really awesome homemade cribs like the Oeuf-inspired Burton special and the Juddy Crib, and even a homemade bassinet. This one by new father Greg belongs in our Hall of Fame as well.

According to Greg: I made it at the request of my wife (an architect) when we found out that we were having our first baby. We thought I would enjoy making it and we would enjoying seeing him sleeping in it. The making part was fun, though trying at times. And the him sleeping in it part has been better than we could have imagined.

We love the small footprint and the storage beneath the sleeping area. Oh, and how lovely is that origami mobile? Greg designed and built this crib while the Furniture Design II Class over at 3rd Ward. Check out their site right here.

(Images via: 3rd Ward)