The Ultimate LEGO PC: So Tacky It's Good?

The Ultimate LEGO PC: So Tacky It's Good?

Range Govindan
Feb 12, 2009

As you might have guessed, we love LEGOs. LEGO phones, LEGO home offices, LEGO everything. If I could, I'd have all of my furniture made up of LEGOs. The best thing would be if I actually had the time to assemble all those things made out of LEGO bricks. I think I'm convinced that I need to get myself some sweet new LEGO sets to have some fun. That being said, after the LEGO cell phone comes the LEGO PC. It's a custom project and it looks pretty strange. It's a tribute to the best LEGO sets ever.

Big Blue is a custom PC homage to the best LEGO sets in history. It's creator Seb 928 thinks that these sets are the top of line in LEGOs: Galaxy Explorer, the Yellow Castle, and the Firefighter Station. That's not all. Seb928 says that his project includes a built-in touchscreen, a spectrum analyzer and an HDTV tuner. Those are some nifty add-ons, and we are sure that if you are a LEGO fanatic, this is the type of PC that you'll love.

It is what it is, an homage. It's a tribute and it's not made to be pretty. If I had to choose between old' Big Blue and the Perfect LEGO Mac Pro tower, I'd go for the Mac. It just looks sweeter. This one is a bit strange with all of the bits coming out of the sides. Plus, you never know when it will melt down! With modern computers, there is a lot of heat created and you always have to be careful to manage heat adequately. We hope that this PC also won't just melt. [via Brickshelf via Gizmodo, photos by Seb928]

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