The Ultimate Room for Entertaining

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This living room designed by Eileen Boyd struck us as the ultimate in entertaining. Although it’s a very large, posh space, there are several lessons to take away if you want to create your own party-friendly living area…

By breaking this room down into a few key elements, you can create your own space that’s equally designed for entertaining. A few things we noticed:

  • Seating Arrangements: The furniture is arranged in a conversational grouping, perfect for parties. The sofa and coffee table are flanked by two chairs, while a third armchair next to the window allows someone to face the conversation and join in.

  • Space for Extra Seating: Floor cushions provide extra seating for a group, adding a relaxed, casual vibe to the space. The stool (used as an end table) can also double as a seat when you add more people to the mix.

  • Living Room Bar: The bar next to the window is on wheels, allowing it to be easily moved. It’s arranged outside the main furniture grouping, against the windows, to keep it from clogging up the flow of the room. For tips on creating your own at-home bar, click here.

  • Flowers and Lighting: Fresh flowers and good lighting create an atmosphere conducive to hanging out with friends.

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