The Ultimate Small Space All-In-One Home Office

The Ultimate Small Space All-In-One Home Office

Jason Yang
Sep 2, 2011

A home office is a nice luxury allowing us to separate our work stuff out of the way of our home lives. For those of us lucky enough to have a dedicated room or area, space is often at a premium. As technology convergence becomes more common-place, we're seeing a bevy of all-in-one devices that serve multiple functions. Check out our guide to compacting all your technology together into the ultimate small space all-in-one home office!

All-In-One PCs
Who likes a big hunk of plastic and tangled wires strewn all over the place? Not when you can have everything tucked nicely into the monitor, taking up not much more space than the screen on its own. Slim down without a desktop computer hogging up your space.

All-In-One Printers
Printing, scanning, faxing, copying - most all-in-one printers handle the basics with ease nowadays. There's no need for multiple devices at all.Taking it even further might be to get a wireless printer and tuck it in a closet completely out of the way if you don't use it that often.

Use Your Computer To Watch TV and Movies
We've already got a big screen right in front of our faces on our desk, so why add another expensive big screen TV mounted far away, taking up space and requiring more equipment. Merge your computer and your TV with a cablecard TV tuner or stream movies and TV direct to your desk.

Use Your Video Game System To Watch Movies, As A Web Browser, Video Chat, Etc.
If you're a gamer, you've already got a pretty powerful computer sitting right there, so why get more components to serve the same purpose? Use your gaming system to do what you need to do without buying more gear.

Miscellaneous All-In-One Devices
Get rid of all your tiny little card-readers and peripherals and merge them all into one single device that takes up less space, uses less power plugs, and has far less cables.

Multi-Function Workspaces
No need to stop with just your electronic devices themselves. Make use of a multi-function table that transforms to suit your different needs.

Multi-Function Appliances
Need a cup of joe every morning to get you going at the office? Not much space for a coffeemaker amongst all your other appliances? Combine it up with a multi-function appliance to save some space! There are tons of multi-function devices that serve double duty and save space.

All-In-One Spaces
Check out some of these tours of those who took the all-in-one concept and applied it thoughtfully to small spaces.

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