The Ultimate Tech Guide for Foodies

The Ultimate Tech Guide for Foodies

Mat Sanders
Oct 13, 2011

It's no secret that technology has made discovering food and eating well more accessible than ever before. Over on our food site, The Kitchn, we've written a great deal about our favorite apps and tech solutions for preparing meals, while on our technology site, Unplggd, we've shared our love of food through the eyes of the computer-savy. With all this great advice for cooking and dining floating around our pages, we thought it was high time we made it a little easier for you to discover the best food resources technology has to offer.

Tech on the The Kitchn

4061fb02b88fac9a81814c4db661a1e498aa166e. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop iPad App Improved: Conversions for Cooking 2.1
When cooking for large groups, or just making adjustments to everyday recipes, one of our go-to iPad apps is Conversions for Cooking, which features standard equivalents tables and a calculator for dry, liquid, temperature, volume, or weight measurements.

0df1242f0e81a0e9138e879557ea1a504808d84c. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Better Protection for Your iPad: The Chef Sleeve
We've come up with a lot of inventive solutions for keeping our iPads out of harm's way in the kitchen, from wall-mounted peg boards to rolling them in plastic wrap. But this Chef Sleeve might be the best idea yet.

3bd0de1ab04b6c30f90a4d0ba774bfe30815f8a4. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Place Your iPad Out Of Harm's Way With a Pegboard
Pegboard is a great resource for kitchen organization, especially in small spaces, but it pulls double duty as an iPad holder in this kitchen. Garrett Tillman needed a place to keep things safe, clean and free of messes and spills and we not only love the look, but think it has more electronic storage possibilities.

07a78e7449cbeb9c80ff2d06f69a63bde0644b18. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Nonna in Your Kitchen: Beyond the Pasta iPad App
If you have ever dreamed of spending a summer in Italy, living and eating with a local family, learning the language, then Mark Leslie's book Beyond the Pasta will be a pure wish-fulfillment read for you. And now you can get even closer, with his iPad app, which brings you recipes, narrative, and video from right inside Nonna's kitchen!

4e4659bd80e068f5d214fae9ddf21c35987160c0. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop No Time To Cook? Try Real Simple's New iPad App
More and more of our favorite magazines are stepping up their game with their own iPhone and iPad apps. Take this new one from Real Simple called "No Time to Cook," which features all the magazine's best quick-fix weeknight recipes. Now here's an app we can use.

e7380ff8215771e811ddcf6a61c44026a7bea7d0. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Substitutions: A Handy Kitchen App for iPhones and iPads
How many times have we been in the middle of a cooking project and realized with dread that we were out of a crucial ingredient? Too many times, that's what. Now there's an app to help us in our hour of need.

8dedc5b4e95e801710eb5514d63682014138f3d4. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop iPhone Apps For The Home Cook: Part V
Today: five new iPhone/iPod Touch apps for the home cook - apps that can be used on the upcoming iPad! I just love how the Apple developer community keeps making such useful tools for cooking and food shopping.

46e3b27d327b6f6f84ab2c7c1498df78de75a6d0. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Simplify Your Kitchen: Managing Recipe Clutter Digitally
In this age of digital solutions, professional chefs are turning turning to e-readers and online cloud systems to manage their recipe clutter. The Wall Street Journal reports on these tips and how they can be of use to rescue home cooks from dreaded piles of loose recipes.

Food on Unpplgd

082f15610492f7e1556057f26f479d555a3e916f. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Final Frame: From Cutting Board Into iPad Stand
Bosco (by Andrea Ponti Design) is a cutting board made of Ginkgo wood and it's designed for lovers of everything high-tech. Hand-carved out of a single log by Kyoto craftsmen, Bosco holds a surprise: an iPad stand.

75482f28b4af80f7349dd5ae79ad443a7a13eed5. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Best Sources for Food Eye Candy on Tablets
The iPad is a nifty tool for the kitchen. We love a bunch of recipe apps for the iPad like the Photo Cookbook or 20 minute meals by Jamie Oliver. However, there are food blogs out there chock full of delicious recipes and incredible photographs that are free and just look better on the iPad versus a desktop. Here are our favorites to get you in the kitchen.

c88d2f5e289bf151a6f7fa1c962f414416b438e0. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Five iPhone and Android Apps For Finding Food On The Go
There's nothing worse than traveling to a strange new city and not knowing where to go for a quick bite to eat. You sit in your hotel room wondering, is there anything good nearby? Is there even anything open? Luckily, with these five apps loaded on your Android or iPhone, you'll never have to go lost and hungry again.

7b7de5c3e981343ac97c3ad686832d9043601317. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop BBC Good Food Magazine iPad App
My better half recently asked if it was okay if she could borrow my iPad for awhile to check out a new app, a notable request since she's not usually one to follow app releases. Upon investigating, I discovered her curiosity was sparked by the release of a new BBC produced food publication app, BBC Good Food Magazine.

c9a2bdb3164061cf860272670d37efc2a0a59610. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Xbox 360 Kinect and Calorie Challenge
Taking a break from analyzing titles for their fitness potential, this week we will look at an add-on to a game we have already profiled, Kinect Sports. This add-on promises fun and health benefits with its calorie counting and food shaped mascots, but how does Calorie Challenge stack up?

d4e14ed4a0cd2b564f5e2b5c7f12bb9312c86e24. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop 12 Home Hacks for Your Microwave
With kitchen space a minimum in small, cool homes, many are debating even keeping their microwaves. But we think that you ought to first realize just what a multi-functional appliance your microwave is before you decide to Freecycle it. Inside, we'll show you 12 cool things to do with your microwave besides nuking that ramen dinner.

68851cacfb8c912e8a114ffd68fa74f588e82cf5. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Tells You When to Clean Out the Fridge
Where was this when I needed it in college? I always needed advice on which food expiration dates are strict rules and which are just guidelines, I never knew how to defrost different foods safely and I would have no answer when a dorm mate asked if it was OK to re-freeze thawed meat.

a1553ba2987c2b33248be88ac432f9d0ee15f477. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop 8 Time Saving Tech Tools, Tricks and Apps for Cooking
For a lot of us, the holiday season means a lot more cooking at home, which can mean havoc in the kitchen. But for those of us who bring our laptops, smart phones and tablets into the kitchen, we know tech can simplify some of the tasks of home cooking.

Image: Emma Christensen

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