The Unexpected House Guest: A Mouse in the House

The Unexpected House Guest: A Mouse in the House

Gregory Han
May 23, 2008

Normally, most folks try their best to rid themselves of rodents from their home. But yesterday I ended up inviting a diminutive friend into our place as an unexpected house guest, rescuing an ailing and traumatized mouse that was being toyed with by our neighbor's adept mouser, Inga. Now I've converted my Terradome terrarium into a convalescent home for Sinbad (named after the comedic genius of HouseGuest fame)...

The original plan was to give the lil' fella some food, water and rest for a few days and then release it at a nearby park. But on further inspection, we've found he/she is likely blind; both eyes appear to be shut. Now my bleeding heart is going to give in and keep him, despite having two curious cats who believe I might have brought them some live supper. Fortunately, the Terradome has proven to be quite effective at keeping the cats' paws from whatever is inside, made even more difficult because the terrarium sits ontop of a lazy susan, so I think as long as I keep my home office door closed things will be fine.

Yesterday, Sinbad wasn't looking too good. But this morning we woke up to see him drinking some water, washing his hands and chewing on a couple of cat kibbles, so he appears on the mend. My only worries are: 1) the cats somehow get to him when I'm not looking, and 2) I die of hantavirus or rabies (these afflictions are normally field mice related, but I'm not touching Sinbad just to be careful). For now, I'm just keeping him well fed and hope however long he lives, he'll be comfortable.

Don't worry...there's plenty of ventilation, thanks to a large opening ontop of the terrarium. It's wide enough to fit my hand through, but situated way too high for the cats to reach down into (we've tested it numerous times putting kibbles inside to see if they could reach within).

Update: I'm very saddened to report that lil' Sinbad set off on a journey into the mouse hole in the sky. Saturday morning, I witnessed his his last breath and we can only hope he felt comfortable during his last few days. Rest in peace, furry friend.

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