The Unexpected Reasons I'm Falling in Love With Evernote

The Unexpected Reasons I'm Falling in Love With Evernote

Taryn Williford
Feb 10, 2011

It's Valentine's Day Week, right? As if you haven't noticed. So I wanted to write a love letter to my Valentine: Evernote. Even though, at first, this cross-platform note-taking application seemed like a short-lived software fling, it's been there for me in the most unexpected ways. I think I'm in love.

How we met:
I'm sure I first heard of Evernote on one of the dozens of tech blogs in my reader. At first, it seemed like a good place to stash away all the notes I usually would put in a Sticky on my Mac or in the Notes App on my iPhone. At least I'd be able to access my boyfriend's pants size or my voice mail password where ever I needed it.

Why I'm falling in love:
Oh. Em. Gee. It's so much more than that. The cross-platform, notes in the cloud thing was great, for sure. But I'm finding a million other ways to use Evernote to make my life easier:

  • Platform-syncing and file-sharing. At home, I'm on a Mac. At the office, I'm on a PC. Everywhere else, I'm on my iPhone. Previously, when I needed to be able to take anything back and forth, I'd stash it on my flash drive. Not anymore. Evernote is my go-to file sharing system.
  • Bookmarks. Also, I never save bookmarks in my browser anymore. I just send the link to Evernote (with it's super-handy Firefox Extension) and all of my bookmarks are accessible anywhere.
  • Coupons. I love subscribing to my favorite store's e-mail blasts (They're usually loaded with money-saving deals), but I hate having all that extra e-mail clutter. I started providing my Evernote email when I sign up (You're provided a unique address to sned notes to Evernote via e-mail). Now, when stores send me coupons, they're sent straight to my notebook so I can search for them when I'm shopping—so there's no motivation to spend as soon as I see deals hit my inbox.
  • Receipts. As a full-timer and freelancer, taxes get tricky. But whenever I'm making a business expense, I make sure to take a pic of the receipt with my iPhone and send it to Evernote. Evernote can read the text in pictures and make it searchable.
  • Menus. I love to snap menus of the delivery spots near my home and office. Now I can pull up the Chinese menu to order while I'm waiting for the train home and get a head start on dinner. And if I'm out at a new brunch spot eating the most amazing French Toast ever? I take a picture of the dish on the menu so I know what to get next time.
  • Transportation Schedules. Speaking of the train, I love being able to keep a PDF of the train & bus schedules on my phone.
  • Inspiration. Design inspiration strikes at the strangest times. I once saw a beer poster at the pub with the most amazing patterned border. I took a shot of it with Evernote's iPhone App, so now I can go back and re-create it on my walls or a party invitation.

Do you use Evernote? What surprising ways has it come through for you? In love with a different note organizer? Tell us in the comments!

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