The Unique Furniture Service

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Good Chop Shop. In comments yesterday, we came across a reference to the Unique Furniture Service.

No Sofa Too Big, No Door Too Small

We made a call and learned that Lionel Diaz has been doing this for 30 years (it is his sole business). He can take apart and reassembe sofas, sofa-beds, love seats (!?), and sometimes armoires. There is – literally – no door he can’t get through. Lionel is used by Bloomingdales along with many big stores and you can read a great story about one persons experience at Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood. (Thanks, M!) MGR

Here are some highlights:

“Oh no,” he said calmly. “It’s nothing. It’ll take about an hour. You relax.”
Relax? On what? They were about to dismantle my $900.00 couch.
A few minutes later, I jumped at the sound of sawing. It sounded like it was coming from my spare room. But that couldn’t be happening, could it? I ran back to see the man, his booted foot braced on one side of the couch, using a hand saw to cut the wood of the frame. What was he doing? Converting it to a love seat?

From Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood