How To: Use Upholstery Spray Paint

How To: Use Upholstery Spray Paint

Apr 30, 2009

Project: How To Use Upholstery Spray Paint
Time: 45 minutes (doesn't include drying time)

As I mentioned in a comment here, I was given a few cans of upholstery spray paint to try out. With a little upholstered $7.99 footstool from Goodwill, I set to work. My stool had a textured square design which was badly stained on top, the perfect guinea pig for this test. After spraying the piece three times, I got the color of brown I was wanting. The smell was minimal, drippage was slight at first, and I would have liked to coat it one more time if I had another can of paint. After completely drying, the fabric is soft and pliable, not at all like the stiffness of latex paints and the result is completely different than traditional paint. I would recommend this product for anyone in need of a quick fix or tired of their dingy upholstery.

  • Piece of upholstered furniture with absorbant fabric
  • Cans of upholstery spray paint (varies depending on the project)
  • A clean rag to blot up paint

Step by Step:

  1. Clean all top surface crud off of the entire piece to be painted
  2. Begin spraying off of the furniture and then move spray over onto fabric at a 6" to 8" distance
  3. Cover entire piece with nice even, sweeping motions
  4. Let first coat dry
  5. Repeat painting with a second coat, blotting any areas of paint buildup
  6. Let dry and continue step 5 until you achieve your desired color
  7. Let dry completely and enjoy the new look
  8. If the can of spray paint isn't empty, store it upside down in a cup of water to keep the nozzle clear

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