The Village Quill: New York Writers’ Space

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Extra space. If you are a writer or work from home and have ever thought about renting a desk to get out of the house (good idea), there is a new game in town: The Village Quill.

While most office space starts at @ $500 a month and The Writer’s Room is awesome ($300-$500 per year), but has a 6 month waitlist, The Village Quill steps in to take up the slack. Started up by Harry Bruinius just last month, the 1,700 square foot loft has 22 shared workstations with high-speed Internet connections — as well as a high speed wireless “hot zone.”

The Quill is looking for serious writers only (but you don’t need to be published) and a basic membership starts at $129 per month (Monday through Friday, 6 to 6). Best yet, they are next door to our offices, so we’ll be neighbors (and share the same wireless network :-)) (Thanks, SKGR!) MGR