The Violet Line: Unique Collages

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The unique process of layering and envisioning patterns that haven’t existed before is a unique skill. The Violet Line’s Etsy shop displays some innovative uses for scrap fabric mixed with a painter’s touch. After naming Amy Butler fabrics as one of the favorite materials used, it’s hard not to love The Violet Line’s unique pieces.

According to the artist, her inspiration comes from the art of organized chaos.

I love the process of rearranging. In the case of my art, this means taking bits and pieces of leftover fabric scraps, ripped papers, cardboard inserts, watercolor paper, and found ephemera and moving them around until I can move them around no more. Sometimes this takes a few minutes. Other times it takes a few weeks. And then I draw, paint, and/or sew into this ordered chaos. My process is obsessive, intense, sometimes insane and always a complete blast. I love what I do.

And we do too! Each of her pieces revels in both simplicity and complexity when it comes to the collages.


1 Green Bird: This one of a kind 8 x 8 piece features an original acrylic painting along with fabric scraps and embroidery, $50
2 Art Card Sets: If you are in the market for thank you notes or just fun cards to send out for any occasion, The Violet Line offers card sets featuring pictures of the collage work done over the course of the year. Cards come in sets of 4, $18
3 From the Beach 5: Inspired by dried flowers from a walk on the beach, this piece hosts canvas, fabric, and a black ink drawing on a 5 x 7 board, $40
4Purple Cone Flowers – This 6 x6 piece features an original watercolor painting of purple coneflowers (Echinacea) and fabric scraps. It features soothing cool colors with purples and blues pieced together, $40
5 Grey Bird: This charcoal colored bird is painted in acrylic and is nestled atop bright pink papers and fabric on this 8 x 8 board, $50


6 Lonesome: This embroidered tree sits atop a collage of fabric and paper with natural hues and then pops of pink and coral. This piece is 8 x 8, $60
7 After Midnight: The coneflowers continue to inspire in this maroon and magenta composition. Painted with watercolors and surrounded by fabrics, canvas, and paper, this 8 x 8 creation rests on a sturdy board, $60

With such great inspiration, it’s hard to see fabric scraps as truly scraps!

(Images: The Violet Line)