The Votes are IN!

From the Department of Photo Finishes: Well that sure was a close one! We went right down to the wire here, with Happy Homemaker (a k a HH) edging out Jennifer by just a few votes. There was lots of action on this end of the spectrum between these two wildly popular entries.

Jeremy made a fine effort to reach into the triple digits and had some good company, with Curtis and Guido neck in neck. Way to go!

Anchoring the other end of the spectrum were Enrique, Rob, and Roberto, who finish out the contest with noble dignity and with the satisfaction of knowing that their tastes appeal to an elite few.

There was plenty of action in the comments section, too, with a full range of critical postures (read: manners!) We hope that in the end everyone had fun and is still in one piece.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

At the beginning of the competition, we promised to all plenty of exposure. Poof! Done.

For our third-, second-, and first-prize winners, we hereby confer the additional award of an Apartment Therapy Cap. Send us your addresses and we’ll make it happen.

And for our first-prize winner, we will also be sending you a rare, coveted AT t-shirt.

We also pondered awarding something else, but we’ve run out of things. We’ll confer with MGR when he returns, so stay tuned!

Congratulations to everyone!