Simple Green: One Tip To Make Going Green Easier

Simple Green: One Tip To Make Going Green Easier

Abby Stone
Aug 10, 2009


Most of us, when we think about making a change, go hog wild. We're going to clean out all the closets today! We're going to only buy organic and free trade! Which works for about ten minutes and then reality sets in. When are we going to find time to clean out all the closets? The only fruit your toddler will eat is bananas. So then all your best laid plans go out the window and you think: Forget it, this is too hard, we can't do this. We've been there and we had to find a better way — one that worked. And then a friend of ours (who's really good at this sort of thing) shared her method with us, and we realized it could apply to everything, from saving money to making better lifestyle choices...

Instead of cutting out things in our life, we move them around like a puzzle; instead of doing a whole project, we break it down into pieces; instead of tossing everything out and starting over, when the time comes to replace something we make a different choice.

Gradually changes start. We replace one bulb with a CFL, we postpone our haircuts for every two and a half months instead of every two months. We go grocery shopping every ten days instead of every week. We're not ready to stop eating meat altogether but we go meatless a few times a week. We'll feed our toddler bananas and every other day. We make a list of all of our favorite clothes on paper before tackling the closet or we turn all our hangers and just observe for a month or two what we're actually wearing. Gradually, change happens. We're running fewer errands and using the car less, we're walking more, we're eating more locally grown vegetables, we notice we never wear that green shirt and it goes to a friend who loves it.

How did this change happen? When did this happen?

Not overnight.

[image from Erica Tanov's Secondhand Beauty]

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