The Wannabe Minimalist’s Guide to a Decluttered Bedroom

published Jun 6, 2017
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Nothing kills a peaceful, restful mood like a clutter-y mess. Too often the bedroom is the first dumping ground and the last place we set in order because it’s the room that’s least frequented by others. But it’s time to take our bedrooms back, to turn them into the sanctuaries they should be and keep them that way.

To keep the bedroom free from messes, the first decision you have to make is that you won’t allow junk from other rooms to take residence in this particular space. Get out of here, laundry waiting to be folded, clothes that need to be donated, and papers that, really, won’t be acted upon in your sleeping room.

Visual clutter is energy-sapping. The other critical component of a bedroom that’s soothing from the moment you walk in is keeping the items that do belong in your bedroom put away. This requires having an actual place for each item, and as much as possible, one that hides all the things. Furniture that does double-duty as storage is ideal. Here are some key pieces:

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A Bed With Built-In Storage

A storage bed makes use of the space under your bed to store linens or out-of-season clothing. And it doesn’t have to be clunky. This sleek storage platform bed gives you a place to stash your stuff but still leaves your room nice and airy.

(Image credit: Target)

A Nightstand With Drawers

Nightstands with drawers are probably the only realistic way to keep your books, glasses, and hand lotion tucked away. This Target MCM nightstand above is cute and won’t break the bank. This beautiful, hand-carved nightstand offers storage while its open bottom keeps the look streamlined and minimal.

(Image credit: Yasmin Sarai)

Doubled-Up Dressers

Another way to increase storage in the bedroom is to double up on dressers, if you have the room. They don’t even have to match! I love to mix and match dressers; we have a dark wood, taller “his” dresser and a lower, longer French country heirloom “hers” in our bedroom.

(Image credit: Esteban Cortez)

Tiny Places to Tuck Things Away

Coralling items that you keep on top of your dressers is another clutter-free bedroom must. These antique gold jewelry boxes are a work of art and this one is sleek and modern. Also consider a tray or two for holding (only a few, carefully curated) decorative items. This keeps everything looking intentional.