OVO: The Washing Machine From the Future?

OVO: The Washing Machine From the Future?

Range Govindan
Feb 4, 2009

For most people, it seems like washing machines haven't changed in 50 years. Sure they're more energy efficient and green, but basically, it's the same type of machine. Back in the day, people thought that by the year 2000, everyone would fly to work on their jetpacks on in their hover-cars. This hasn't happened and it looks like washing machines will stay the same for the next few decades, that is until some kind of future tech will revolutionize the way that we wash. However, it's still possible to improve the idea.

The OVO washing machine was designed by Murat Ozveri. The only thing is that the changes in his concept are only superficial. There is nothing new or radical but a nicely designed washing machine. We have to say that it looks pretty good. Most washing machines and dryers are hidden away in some pantry or closet. The OVO looks really good. OVO comes in spunky colors, with lights and ergonomic lines, which will please anyone who has to decorate a home.

The key feature of Ozveri's design is to include interchangeable faceplates, which come in a variety of colors. When the machine is in standby mode, the face of the washing machine displays a digital-analog clock and funky lights. I think that I would have been more impressed by a machine that would wash my clothes with a thimble-full of water or a drop of soap than something that flashes lights and information about your wash cycle. There's no way that I'd put a washing machine in the kitchen or in the living room. It just doesn't seem right, no matter what it looks like. Plus, there's the noise. Something like the Washup, which uses the gray water from a washing cycle to flush your toilet is really cool. Still, the design looks good, so there's hope for washing machines yet! [via Yanko Design]

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