Flu/Cold Season: Tech To Keep Comfy While Feeling Crappy

Flu/Cold Season: Tech To Keep Comfy While Feeling Crappy

Jason Yang
Oct 27, 2011
"Oh, the weather outside is weather" - well said by a very special man.

And boy does the weather like to play tricks on us. Hot and sunny one day, cold and rainy the next. Besides being forced to keep both our summer and winter clothes in the closet, the temperature swings can wreak havoc on our health, pushing the immune system to the brink. But if you're going to be stuck in bed, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy headed with fever, and taking your so-you-can-rest medicine, might as well make the best of it...

1) Keep The Air Comfortable
It's hard enough to deal with crappy air quality as it is, but when our nasal passages are congested and we're huffing and puffing to get any air at all, it's especially important to filter out the impurities and get some nice clean air to breathe. Humidifiers and air purifiers do a great job of cleaning and freshening up the air we breathe, so get yourself breathing easy is an helpful first step.

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2) Stay Toasty and Warm In Bed
Isn't it the worth when you're snug in bed, sick as a dog, and you're suddenly too hot or too cold? You either throw your blanket off or struggle with the decision to go get some more blankets, but that requires getting out of bed! Keep your temperature properly regulated with an electric blanket or heating pad. Stay nice and warm with the temperature controls at your fingertips.

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3) Don't Step Out Of A Hot Shower/Bath Into The Cold Bathroom
More tips to keep your body temperature regulated. Keep your body from temperature shock by keeping warm between when you step out of the hot shower and before you dive back into bed. Great to have all the time, but especially important when you're feeling under the weather. Whether it's radiant heating through the floors, a heated towel bar to keep your towel nice and toasty, a heated floor mat, heat lamps, or a basic portable heater.

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4) Keep Yourself Entertained
Sure, you should be sleeping and resting up, but sometimes (wo)man can only sleep for so long. Keep yourself entertained while bedridden with an iPad (or your tablet of choice). Catch up on reading your favorite eBooks, browser the internet, play with your favorite apps and games, or watch an unlimited supply of streaming movies and TVs via Netflix, Hulu, or other web services.

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5) Use Tech To Help You Sleep Better
Get some good sleep while you're resting up, not the kind of crappy interrupted sleep where you feel worse when you wake up than when you first started. Try a white noise machine to help you sleep. Put away electronics and their bright screens.

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