The Ween Machine: Baby Food On The Go

The Ween Machine: Baby Food On The Go

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 23, 2009

Funny names on products or food have always bothered us a little. For instance, ordering a Moons Over My Hammy at Dennys is just too much. The same might be true with this new product ("Honey, where's the Ween Machine?") but we can see where it might be useful. Most of us can handle smashing food in a bowl when we're at home, but on the go, this could be an added bonus to add to your arsenal. Details after the jump...

Although we're unsure about The Ween Machine's pricetag on this item (about $33 USD) we can see where it might help out in certain circumstances. I'm not sure many of us would use this item at home, but on the go it might make the job of feeding you and your little one a bit easier. It's dishwasher safe, and claims to be easy to clean.

Sure you can keep smashing stuff on the side of your plate and feeding it to them, or letting them mush it on their own, but why would you, when you have this handy dandy mushing machine? (you can guess if there's implied sarcasm there or not!) Would it be something you'd ever pack along, or is this just another gadget in line for the bargain bin?

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