Weirdest Clock Ever. Clue: It Involves an Evil Locust

Weirdest Clock Ever. Clue: It Involves an Evil Locust

Taryn Williford
Sep 22, 2008

We've featured a lot of weird clocks here(a bomb clock, a little alien friend clock and a dumbbell clock, to name a few) but this takes the cake:

An unusual time piece was unveiled recently at Corpus Christi College, a part of England's Cambridge University. By unusual, we mean that the clock costs approximately two million dollars, took seven years to make and was unveiled by Cambridge professor Stephen Hawking. Oh, yeah, and it "runs" on the movements of a time-eating locust/grasshopper.

The Corpus Clock, designed by John Taylor, is nearly four feet across, is gold plated, and comes equipped with a horribly terrifying time-eating locust/grasshopper.

Taylor views time as the great destroyer and he wanted a clock that represented the morbid reality that time that passes is lost forever. The grasshopper "walks" around the edge of the massive gold face with his mouth open and tongue hanging out. Every second, his mouth opens wider until, on the 59th second, its jaws swallow time.

The clock, which we're realizing is kind of a misnomer, does not have any hands or even a digital face of any sort. Instead it uses a series of 60 slits cut into the face, each six degrees apart, which light up to show the time. Light shines through the small slits in a random pattern, to play tricks on the mind. Every five minutes, the lights pause on the exact time, then go back to their capricious ways.

Oh, and on the hour, instead of a traditional bell tone, the clock emits the sound of a chain dropping into a coffin.

Um, awesome... and that's not at all creepy. (We're lying)

[ via Daily Mail ]

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