The Whiteboard Laptop & Other Laptop Mods

The Whiteboard Laptop & Other Laptop Mods

Range Govindan
Oct 18, 2011

Nowadays, a lot of people now need to lug around a laptop for school or work, there comes a time when you wonder what else you can do with your computer. While permanent modifications need some thought, temporary add-ons and hacks can make life easier, if you always need to have your computer with you. Here are a variety of different mods that are temporary, permanent, and fun.

1. Turn Your Laptop Into a DrawTop: This is basically a vinyl sticker for the top of your laptop. If you've ever needed a small whiteboard for collaborative work, then this will work wonders. The surface of a laptop is rarely used for anything else, making it perfect to use as a drawing surface. Just like any vinyl sticker, it will come off without leaving any residue. It comes in a few different sizes and costs $10 to $14.

2. LCD MacBook Logo Hack: Eddie Zarick modded the glowing logo of his MacBook into a secondary LCD screen. It's tiny, but awesome. If you want to create your own, check out his tutorial that's somewhat technical, but doable if you really want to get this.

3. Carbon Fiber Mod: This looks like someone changed the casing of a MacBook for a carbon fiber one, but if that's what you thought, you'd be wrong. That would have voided the warranty, so an enterprising modder found a vinyl-type sticker called Carbon Grafix. He used it on his MacBook and it definitely looks like it's made out of carbon fiber. The bonus is that the warranty is preserved.

4. Vinyl Stickers: Decals and vinyl stickers have been around for a while, but they shouldn't be disregarded as ways of customizing your computer. There are decals for Mac and PC computers, as well as mobile devices. They don't cost much and are easy to put on. When you get tired of them, you can remove them easily.

5. Hack Old Laptops into LCD Projector: If you just changed laptops, or have a few old ones lying around, then you can try hacking yours into an LCD projector. It's definitely an innovative idea.

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