The “Come Up and See My Artwork” Contest

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Deadline is Tuesday!

Do you have nice artwork in your apartment? Does it make your walls just POP with pleasure? Do you have a great resource or artist you’d like to share?

We’d like to see your art and hear your secrets…

Accordingly, this month we’re running a contest to motivate readers and inspire the rest of us. The prize will involve valuable artwork and/or AT swag, and contestants are welcome from all over the country.

This is a great opportunity to not only show off your apartment, but also to give props to the artists (Gallery owners take note). All instructions are below:

– 2 GOOD pictures of artwork displayed in your home
– The name of artist and place that it came from
– Price (optional, but very helpful)
– Your name (as you like to be referred to)
– Where you live

– Next Tuesday, January 17th

( The kitchen word art is by Jack Pierson, featured in NY Mag last October)