The William Stove Will Make Your Brain Short Circuit

The William Stove Will Make Your Brain Short Circuit

Sonia Zjawinski
Sep 20, 2010

If you haven't already seen The William video, which showcases a concept stove that uses its entire surface area to cook, prepare to have your mind blown. While there's no indication that this stovetop is planned to go into production any time soon, it's worth watching for the mere fact that it's one of the first kitchen appliances to show how current technology -- touch screens, customization apps, and electric burners -- can be implemented in a useful manner, rather than as novelty.

The William is a built-in, flush fitting, electric stovetop, which uses 85 percent of its surface area (compare that to 25 percent of conventional stoves) to heat pots and pans. The surface top is covered with 1,500 independently heated, touch sensitive honeycombs, each of which becomes active as soon as it detects that something has been placed on it.

Using the touchscreen control panel, you can set the temperature for the selected area and even customize when heat should be lowered, heightened, or turned off during the cooking cycle. Since the entire cooking surface is one big burner, you can place your pots and pans wherever you like and the William will be able to create unique heating signatures for up to 21 items. Seems like a recipe for too many cooks in the kitchen, but maybe some of you can handle that many items cooking at the same time!

One of the drawbacks in our opinion is that this uses electric rather than induction heating elements. Electric has a large learning curve and requires a lot of forethought when cooking since components need to cool down naturally when you turn down the heat. Induction, on the other hand, adjusts it's heat instantaneously. If The William ever does make it into production, we hope that it takes this into consideration.

Check out the video below for more info on this really amazing concept that we hope appliance manufacturers look into making a reality.

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