The World’s Most Efficient Solar Clock

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The great thing about solar clocks is that once they are up, you won’t have to bring them down again to change batteries. We think that using solar power for clocks is a great idea. Seiko has just announced their latest solar clock, the Emblem. The really interesting thing is that it’s supposed to be the world’s most efficient solar clock.

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We don’t know about Seiko’s claims, but the Emblem will go for sale in Japan only pretty soon for $310. On top of that, it’s only 8.5mm thick. It also comes equipped with a backup battery as an alternative power supply if there isn’t enough light to run it.

Technically speaking, the clock can run in absolute darkness for up to two years, which is quite impressive. The clock needs about 8 hours of sunlight a day in order to run continuously. What’s even more impressive, is that the Emblem clock receive updates via radio to automatically synchronize its time. So there is a radio transmitter built-in as well. The clock is able to test any room to inform you if there is enough illumination for it to run.

From the press release, it might also be the thinnest clock available on the market. That being said, we think that it’s a great way of knowing the time and saving energy at the same time. We like the clean design and the fact that it will run for a very long time before running out of juice. Also, the fact that it updates its own time automatically is really a plus. [via CrunchGear]