The Great Wrap-Around Disposable Phone

The Great Wrap-Around Disposable Phone

Range Govindan
Jan 12, 2009

Phones are becoming more and more part of our modern lives. There are no two ways about it, you need one. However, there is one trend that is really good to know. It's the trend of disposable cell phones, which are becoming quite popular. They enable people to use cell phones without having to pay hundreds of dollars for handsets, a situation that is really useful here as well as in developing countries. Pre-paid credit in cell phones is used to transfer money and a whole lot of other things in developing countries, which is pretty cool when you consider that the air time is traded, not money itself.

Shirley A. Roberts came up with this neat looking disposable pre-paid phone. Unlike most disposable phones, it looks sleek and efficiently designed, which is a nice thing. The device is simple and basic. It's devoid of most of the fancy features that you find in modern cell phones. It's perfect for emergency situations and just having around whenever something goes wrong.

Roberts designed this phone to be cheap to manufacture and to market. She also made it very light and thin, enabling you to simply wrap it around your wrist to carry it around. We think that this phone is really neat. It's simple yet elegant and possesses all of the basic elements needed to make a good disposable phone. The really important thing about phones like these is how much do they cost to manufacture. If they are very cheap, this phone will be quite popular.

We guess that some kind of rubberized material or memory plastic will have to be used so that the phone can snap back into shape once it's being used. This is actually possible with current market technologies. If it's done right, a well designed and efficient pre-paid disposable phone could become the OLPC of cell phones. [via Yanko Design, images by Shirley A. Roberts]

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