The 7 Weirdest Home Tech Superstitions

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Nothing seems to amaze and confuse the human race more than technology. As researchers and developers design new and exciting ways to communicate and get things done, there are still some folks on the user side wondering if Skype is magic or the work of the devil. Since it’s Friday the 13th, we’ve rounded up a few of the weird superstitions people hold about the magical and mystical technology in their homes.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

1. Never Turn On Your Computer Monitor Before Your Tower
We’re really not sure where this comes from or why people do it, but many people insist that you shouldn’t turn on your monitor before your computer tower. What do they think they’ll see?

2. Always Move Your Mouse Left Before Any Other Direction
This is leftover from the days where computer mice were controlled by roller balls, a magnet for dust and dirt. A quick jerk to the left would clear it out quickly. But even today some people are convinced it makes an optical mouse work better.

3. Don’t Use Your Laundry Machines or the Dishwasher on a Holiday
Living in the South, we’ve heard this one before: Don’t do laundry or dishes on a holiday—some variations specify New Year’s Day—or someone you know will die within the year.

4. If Your Computer is Working, Don’t Turn it Off
Some people deal with older computers that give them nothing but problems. So when the day comes that the machine seems to be up and running well, they almost refuse to use it. Don’t mess with the good chakra. Because of course, if you have to restart, your laptop will go back to the devil creature it used to be.

5. Include a Fake Email Address in Your Contacts
Some people believe that if you include a bogus email contact that is alphabetically first in your contacts list (like your buddy !0000 at, a computer virus will receive an error message and won’t be able to send any infecting emails to the rest of your contact list. Awesome! Except that’s not how viruses work.

6. Don’t Talk on your Phone When There’s Lightning Outside
Yes, it’s technically possible that you could be killed if you’re talking on a landline if there’s lightning outside. But even people with cell phones decide to be superstitious and forgo using their phones during a storm.

7. Turn Off the TV or Change Rooms if your Team is Losing
As soon as the visitors put up a few points on your hometown team, you need to turn off the TV and stop watching—or at least watch from a different room. Because clearly the Steelers have stage fright from appearing on your 52″ HDTV.