The Xeros Waterless Washing Machine

The Xeros Waterless Washing Machine

Gregory Han
Jun 26, 2009

Southern Californians are hopefully aware of the required water usage limits being placed, meaning every drop counts in an ever expanding market of demand. So any household cleaning device or appliance that works without water is welcome these days. Although not completely waterless, the announced Xeros washing machinesystem uses about 1 cup of water to get your clothes clean where gallons are normally required...

Where water and detergent are typically used to wash our soiled duds, the Xeros technology turns to reusable nylon polymer beads; nylon polymer have an inherent polarity that attracts stains and can absorb them from slightly dampened garments. These beads are remarkable not only for their clothes cleaning property, but also for the fact they can be reused for 100 uses before needing replacement (we hope they're recyclable also), resulting in a 40% reduction in carbon emissions compared to the regular washing and drying machine combination. And using a system that doesn't require deep submersion and agitation will likely result in longer life of your clothing, as washing/drying speed up the degradation of fabrics.

Plans to release a commercial version of the new cleaning technology is late 2010. We can't wait to see if the tech demos match real world performance, as this would be a great energy efficient option.

More retails about the Xeros system and how it works at their website.

[via Gizmag]

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