You Are Now Allowed to Draw On the Wall

In 2009, we saw designers dip their brushes in brighter and bolder colors and turn to our walls, as trends that had been growing for a couple of years yielded a bumper crop. From graffiti to wall stickers to exuberant wallpaper, our walls were the canvas of choice. Here are 30 creative wall-decorating options.

The reign of beige has come and gone, as Mark Chamberlain wrote in his post, “A Decade of Color,” and we are now in an era of “full-on style.” (I.e., keep your eye on Kelly Wearstler.) What better place to show off your daring style than your walls?

1 How To: Paint Over a Chalkboard Wall (If you regret your chalkboard paint and think it’s on it’s way out. If you love it, read on.)

5 Survey: Have You Used Colored Chalkboard Paint? (Includes three sources for chalkboard paint.)

21 The Wallpaper Collective (High-end wallpaper for consumers.)

25 Gecko Decorative Stickers