Thea’s Mom-Made Play Kitchen

Nikole was determined to make a play kitchen for her daughter Thea and with a brief lesson from her mother-in-law on using a jigsaw she was on her way. Inspired by many of the play kitchens you’ve all made, Nikole added some of her own touches which we hope inspires the next crop of play kitchen diy’ers (especially those of you who don’t live near an Ikea).

There’s much to admire about this kitchen and you can read about Nikole’s labor and efforts on her blog A Happy Nest. Rather than use Ikea components or a thrifted piece of furniture, she went for the gusto and started from scratch.

If you’ve ever taken your kids to Lowes so they can turn stove knobs in a safe environment, you’ll certainly appreciate that Nikole used real stove knobs here and even figured out how to get them to turn. We also love the felt cookies and dough for Thea to “bake” with along with the homemade flour and sugar sacks to stock the pantry.

Want to see more? Check out Nikole’s Flickr set.

Thanks, Nikole – it’s lovely!