There’s No Tech Like Glam Tech

Glam tech like glam rock makes quite a statement whether through the sheer amount of sparkle or with just how incredibly over the top it is. In this roundup we looked at examples of luxe tech that made us exclaim, “really, seriously?” Of course being the balanced site that we strive to be, we also included some tech that is more on the understated side of glam (with a glam price tag of course).

  • iHeart: Resembling a jewelery box when closed, this iPod speaker is a bit too shiny and girly for us. Besides, who wants to look in the mirror each time they use their iPod speakers?
  • Light Facet: Designed by Dutch design studio Blooming, Light Facet is a light and room divider that is made of diamond shaped facets. Thanks to the all white design we think it is solidly on the side of just the right amount of glam.
  • Perfect Petfeeder Luxe: Glam tech is not just for humans! This pet feeder with its shiny troughs and “luxe” name is perfect for scheduling feedings for your glam pets.
  • BeoSound 3200: This stereo from Bang & Olufsen is not just a pretty face as it also includes the ability to store up to 400 hours of music.
  • Native Union Skype Handset: By far the most glam Skype handset that we have ever seen, it is glamorous and luxurious without being over-the-top.
  • Gold Plated iPods: Goldstriker offers gold plating services for iPods that carry quite the luxe price tag.
  • BeoVision 10: Another glam piece of tech from B&O, this HDTV is luxurious and yet understated.
  • Platinum iMac: Plated by Computer Choppers, who also offer gold and diamond plating in case platinum is just not glam enough.
  • High End Design PC: Gaiser’s gold plated PCs have a high end glam price tag to match their incredibly glam looks.
  • Lounge-Book: This stand by Lounge-Tek is plated in gold… because well everything is better plated in gold, right?

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