Thermopian Exterior on a Modern Polish Home

I love a house that is proportionally shaped like an iconic “house” — two stories with an approximate roof pitch of 45 degrees! The plans for this home in Poland by moomoo architects take the basic “house” shape and play with it by simplifying the form and then wrapping the home’s exterior in Thermopian — a plastic material used in roofing that has thermal and acoustic insulating abilities. The best part? Thermopian can be produced in ANY color!

The angled wall was designed by moomoo architects in response to local zoning laws in Lodz, Poland — buildings are required to be built parallel to property lines! This home is scheduled to be completed in 2010.

I’m interested to learn more about Thermopian — even though it is plastic, if it is long-lasting and has superior insulating abilities, it could be a very eco-conscious choice. Many traditional homes already have these plastic membranes underneath more traditional materials and this design uses the functional material as an aesthetic material too (reducing the total amount of resources used!).

More renderings and architectural drawings at Dezeen | l House by moomoo architects.