These Drapes Do More Than Look Pretty

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love products that pull double duty in our homes. It means we have more efficient use of our space and usually find our home that much more comfortable. So when you look at the photo of these drapes or curtains, do you see anything unusual about them? How do drapes of all things pull double triple duty?

Normally when we talk about window treatments they’re full of color or fun, maybe a bit of whimsy, but these seem to be anything but. These panels from Hammacher & Schlemmer will run you between $60 and $70 but what for? After all, they’re sort of boring right?

As it turns out the polyester that these curtains are made from is so tightly woven that they not only block out 99% of light, but they also cut down on outside noise by 40%. While this may not be a big deal to some, those who live by extra busy streets or highways might appreciate the ease in getting their little one down for a nap, or possibly drowning out the neighbors poor choice in music — or at least the volume in which it’s played.

No, they aren’t exactly show stoppers on the design or beauty front. They come in sage, tan and chocolate (whoop de doo), but potentially with some embellishments you could make something out of nothing if this product would make an improvement in your children’s nurseries or bedrooms.