These Earbuds Always Stay In

These Earbuds Always Stay In

Range Govindan
Jul 10, 2012

I consider earbuds a practical essential while traveling about town. Sure, you can wear bigger headphones, but earbuds are infinitely easier to stash them away and less obvious when out in public. Nevertheless, earbuds have the annoying tendency to pop are a few I've found to offer a secure fit.

1. Shure SE215: I had these earphones for a couple of years of some very hard use before they finally broke. They were my go-to earbuds for running and cycling. The sound quality is excellent, and for the price, they are a good buy, especially if you get a deal on them. You can find these online for about $90.

2. Sennheiser Adidas Sport: Sennheiser makes a whole range of sport-related earbuds, that will have no problems staying in while you run. They come in different designs, and sell from $50-60.

3. Grado GR10: Much like some of their headphones, the Grado earphones are a notch above the competition. Grado offers thee different models, with the GR10 being their best, selling for $400. For this price, you'll get a moving armature driver, a relatively new technology, for warm sound reproduction, better treble performance, and solid bass response.

4. Beyerdynamic MMX 101: These earphones are designed to work with your smartphone or tablet computer, with different adapters to make them work with almost any phone. The remote allows you to answer calls while using them. They come with enough adapters to fit most ears. Three different ear cap sizes offer users a solid fit, while a hands-free microphone makes the MMX 101 useful inside and outside the office.

5. Shure SE535: Although these are a bit pricey (about $400), these earphones are quite good for the diminutive size. the only issue we've had with these is that they don't have active noise-cancellation. They are just designed to dampen ambient noise.

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