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These Videos of Kids Describing Their Dream Homes Will Totally Brighten Up Your Day

published Oct 27, 2017
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You know that saying about giving hard tasks to lazy people because they’ll find a simple way to make it happen? I think if we want to see a better world, we ought to turn everything over to kids. With their kind hearts, limitless possibilities and inventive imaginations, somehow kids always find a simple way to make things better.

Case in point, these videos. We asked a pair of creative kids, Milo and Zamaya, to describe what their future dream homes would look and feel like, and had illustrator Penelope Dullaghan bring their ideas to life.

The takeaway? While we all scour weekend sales and thrift stores to try and make our dream homes come together one questionable sofa at a time, these kids know that the most important thing in life is making room for the things you love, especially if the thing you love more than anything in the world is seasonings.

These kids’ dream home monologues also contain some important messages that we adults could stand to learn: Everyone is important and always invited, anyone can wear princess dresses if they want, and it’s never too late to squash old grudges. (Not even after 10 years — Nora and Radley, looking at you.)

If you’re having a rough day (or rough year, or rough life), I hope that these videos might offer you a temporary escape.