They Actually Exist! Truly Comfortable Sleeper Sofas

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Bigfoot. The Loch Ness Monster. Chupacabra. While these creatures have long been rumored to exist, we don’t have any hard evidence that they are actually out there. Another elusive near-mythical entity is a sleeper sofa bed that is actually comfortable to sleep on. Amazingly, in this case, our readers have reported not only having seen them but capturing them and living with them in their very own homes! Click through for the list, and bookmark for future reference…

Of course, comfort (especially for sleeping) is a very subjective thing, but real-world recommendations that aren’t hosted by a retailer or manufacturer can be hard to come by and are always valuable. Here are a few truly glowing stand-out reviews from our always helpful readers:

I bought a sofabed from this company, the SB52, Momento Italia and it is fabulous! Very comfortable to sit and sleep on (orthopaedic mattress) and the bed pulls out without having to take the pillows off. What’s more the sofa’s fabric can be switched quite easily (hidden velcro fasteners) to completely change the look of your room. I don’t work for this company, I just think they have great stuff…! Kind of expensive, but great modern design, and super functionality make it worth it – absolutely! – Adrienne
We have this one from IKEA (MANSTAD). Been sleeping on it every night since January & are quite happy with it. We use a memory foam mattress topper to make it a bit more comfy. It’s actually more comfortable than the bed we used to have! – Paisleypetals
I have to say that I spluged, and purchased a sofa from Carlyle. I have slept on it since the beginning of November and it is so comfortable. I have had two sets of house guests and their opinion is the same as mine. I would say this was a good buy. I did buy it while they were having a sale so that did make the cost a bit more reasonable. – Mason
I bought a Smala from Lignet Roset a few years ago. It’s a great sofa and flattens out to a queen size bed. It is a firm bed and has gotten such rave reviews from my guests I have tried it out myself. It’s really comfortable (of course for the price it should be). Bottom line, this sofa bed should be included in more reviews like this. It’s a winner for a good nights rest, as a sofa and as an object. – liamwen
If you can *EVER* get your hands on a used Castro Convertible, grab it. Even if you have to pay to have it reupholstered. It’s a tremendously comfortable sofa bed to sleep on. – TootsNYC
I currently live in 232 sq. ft. and sit and sleep on the same Ikea sofa bed as @Paisleypetals: (MANSTAD) I’m absolutely in love with it, especially the storage under the chaise and how comfortable it is to sleep on (it’s firm, so be prepared). At $699 you can’t go wrong – and trust me, I usually hate buying Ikea furniture. I’m also in love with dual purpose furniture, so this ties in with the whole theme of my flat. Congrats on living small. I love it. – stephenslater
Lucy Au. These are absolutely the most comfortable I’ve ever slept on (because of the full slat back support compared to just 3-point metal back support typical of fold-out beds), these are ottomans that convert to twin – full – or – queen beds. – Rucy
I love my Mitchell Gold Bob Williams Sleeper! I purchased the Reese last year from their store in SoHo and couldn’t be happier. I was nervous about making the purchase, but after seeing the design of the sofa, experiencing the comfort of the mattress, and the service at the store, I was sold. – trents79
Soooooooooo glad we went with the Room and Board… the air/coil combo matresses are unbelievably comfortable!! – carriestrine
By far the American Leather sleeper sofas are the most comfortable on the market because of their patented method uses no metal springs. The king size is awesome. – FengShuiByFishgirl
The Cooper by G. Romano is great-looking and very comfortable. All our overnight guests rave. – lmccl

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