These Hidden Gems at Dollar Tree Are Every Designer’s Dream

published Feb 29, 2024
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Interior designers are masterful at transforming spaces and creating environments that reflect your unique personality and taste. They’re also experts at making your home look expensive. But looks can be deceiving, because while designers know when to splurge, they also know when to save — and make those savings still look stylish. That means they’re no strangers to your local dollar store.

Anaïs Chaumien, interior designer and owner of Design by Anaïs, shared some of her go-to Dollar Tree tricks of the trade. “There’s no need to break the bank to style your home,” she says. She operates under a single rule of thumb when shopping at Dollar Tree: “Make sure to always check the reviews before buying, as quality can vary a lot. Don’t purchase anything under four stars, and you should be good to go!” 

Before you sink a ton of cash into revamping your home decor, check out these interior designer-approved items at your local Dollar Tree.


Not only do candles make your home smell amazing, but they also instantly make your space feel cozier. “Candles are the perfect addition to your shelves, coffee table, or dining table when you’re looking to add a little something,” says Chaumien. Candles can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. Dollar Tree offers a wide assortment of scents and styles, from tea lights to larger scented varieties. Chaumien’s one piece of advice? “Double check that they are not toxic, and you’re good to go!”

Pillows & Throws

Believe it or not, dollar stores can be a great resource for affordable pillows and throw blankets. “Pillows and throws are an easy way to add textures and colors to your space,” says Chaumien. “This might be my favorite item to buy on a budget,” she adds. “This way, whenever you want to change the mood, you can simply switch them for something that fits your current aesthetic better.” Dollar Tree even carries on-trend items, like these fluffy throw pillows and this sherpa blanket.


Don’t underestimate the power of carefully curated knickknacks, nor the power of Dollar Tree to deliver them on a budget. “Having beautifully styled bookcases and shelves is a great way to add a designer touch to your space,” says Chaumien. Opt for glass candleholders, fun vases, or woven baskets to inject personality and character into your home.


Serving trays and decorative trays are some of Chaumien’s Dollar Tree staples. “I love using trays to ground decorative accents, candles, and plants on my countertops,” she says. “Whether it’s on your coffee table, your kitchen counter, or a lovely console, trays are the perfect finishing touch!” You can usually find an assortment of options that include wood, plastic, and metal, among other materials.

Wall Art

If you’re creating a gallery wall, you might find yourself in need of a few extra pieces of art or some frames to fill in the gaps between your personal photos and artwork. Dollar Tree to the rescue! “I love sourcing small pieces to use as an accent,” says Chaumien. “I like to find cute little frames for a super-affordable price to mix with more meaningful ones.”

Holiday Decorations & Seasonal Decor

Holiday decorations and seasonal decor can be expensive — especially considering you’ll only use them for a short time each year. Dollar Tree carries a wide range of cute decorations that you can integrate with your existing home decor style. Items like these adorable Easter-themed table runners are fun ways to add a festive touch to your home throughout the year. 

Planters and Vases

“Plants are an amazing way to add life and personality to a space,” says Chaumien. “But sometimes, planters cost hundreds, and you absolutely don’t need to spend that much on it.” Instead, focus on the plant and choose a cute planter from Dollar Tree. You can even paint the planter to match the rest of your decor if you can’t find the exact color you want. “Same goes for vases!”


“Dinnerware can be a great accent in your home, but you might want to switch them from time to time, to add more colors, or a lovely pattern,” says Chaumien. “If that’s the case, you shouldn’t spend too much on this. You can definitely find amazing options for a very low price, and style your table like a designer, but on a budget!” Dinnerware might be one of the areas where Dollar Tree shines the brightest. The store carries bold prints, classic solids, and modern patterns that look far more expensive than they are.