Things That Annoy: Redundant Accessories

Things That Annoy: Redundant Accessories

Anthony Nguyen
Sep 10, 2010

We're guessing if you love tech as much as we do, you're just as OCD about the functionality and practicality of the things companies crank out day by day. This is why we're going to call out one niggling annoyance that just drives us crazy more than anything - accessories that essentially do nothing but act to replicate an existing solution (and not in a good way either).

Above: Why in the world would you want to buy another accessory to tie your iMac power charger when you have the hooks already built in? What a waste of plastic.

Another irker would be HP's Mediasmart Server used in conjunction with Windows Media Player's built-in media server. It doesn't seem like either Microsoft or HP has acknowledged the conflicting problem that the built-in OS server for WMP essentially replicates all of the media on the HP server on its own media library, making it confusing in every way when trying to teach your mother how to view your photo library when browsing it on your UPNP network connected device.

Adapters that only do half the job. Well, Apple's partially to blame for the annoying mini-DisplayPort they tried to cram down everyone's throat instead of adding an HDMI out, but because of that, we have these half-way solutions that force those of us traveling to conferences to have to carry both an adapter and additional cable instead of a single one.

Okay, maybe we were being a bit harsh on GearTie's product. It can actually be used for other things as well. But we advise them to not advertise it providing alternatives to existing solutions that do it way better anyway.

Last but not least, makers of anything with a USB port, listen up! Consumers don't like cables running all over the place. If your device can support wireless syncing, do it! And do it in a way that it doesn't require them to install a bunch of terribly written software (HP printers) or rely on a single point of entry (iTunes for iPhones). I'm tired of cables eating away at my efficient workspace. It's time for wireless syncing to finally go mainstream. Yeah, we like the WiFis.

What's your redundant accessory pick of the day? Share it in the comments!

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