4 Things Every First-Time Homeowner Needs, According to Reddit

published Mar 23, 2019
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You’ve closed on a house and the keys are in your hands. Now it’s time to officially start your life as a brand-new homeowner. Even if you think you’ve thought of everything, there may be a few things you missed that will come in handy now that you’re no longer renting.

One Reddit user took to the forum to ask other homeowners for their advice on this topic and got some great suggestions. Here are some of the must-have items for new homeowners you may not have on your list:

1. A plunger or toilet snake

If your toilet overflows, you no longer have the option of calling your landlord to take care of it, so a tool to fix any problems is a must.

One Redditor recommended a toilet snake/auger: “I grew up in a very large family, the plunger wasn’t always the best option when kids are flushing all kinds of things down the toilet or using it as a laboratory for experiments,” they wrote. “We had a snake growing up, so as an adult I bypass the plunger and go straight for the snake. It’s faster than a plunger and requires less energy overall. Highly recommend.”

2. A furniture dolly

A dolly can be super helpful on move-in day, and as one user pointed out, you’ll likely get some use out of it beyond that, too.

A user noted that it surprised them how much they ended up moving it post-move. “Beyond just using it for the move or later on at your own place, every time someone has asked me to move furniture or something heavy I’ve brought [it] along. Very worth the $30 or $40 for a pair,” they wrote.

3. A fire extinguisher

Several people on the thread suggested a fire extinguisher—and they’re smart to put safety first. According to the National Fire Protection Association, a portable fire extinguisher can save lives by putting out a fire completely or containing it until the fire department arrives. (Here are their safety tips for using a fire extinguisher properly.)

“One for each floor, if you have more than one floor,” one Redditor suggested.

4. An emergency fund

So you can’t pick this one up on Amazon, but many people on the thread thought that a good nest egg will come in handy—whether that’s to buy all the stuff you need as you settle in or to have on hand in the event of a major repair bill or circumstances out of your control, like a job loss.

After one user suggested a savings account, another joked, “You misspelled spending.”

“This is the best advice you will get,” another user affirmed.

What do you think of the suggestions on the thread? Any missed must-haves?

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