Things To Do When It’s Really Hot Outside

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The temperature soared in DC over the long holiday weekend and we’re hearing that we’ll be in the 3-digit zone today and tomorrow. So what kinds of things can you do with the kids in the sweltering heat? Jump below for a list of things we did over the long weekend.

• Take a dip. The obvious thing to do when it’s really hot is to take a swim. Whether it’s in the ocean or in an inflatable pool, water always helps keep us cool. We went to a pool and also let the kiddies play in their inflatable kiddie pool.

• Figure out other ways to play with water. If you can’t get to a pool or aer looking for another way to include water in play, try spray parks, running a sprinkler, giving the kids squirt guns or using squirt bottles. Yesterday we cleaned The Container Store out of their squirt bottles and let the kids spray each other with gentle mists of water at their grandparents’ house.

• Make a no-bake dessert. Don’t turn on the oven if you can help it. For the Fourth of July, we made two Jell-O desserts and a no-bake patriotic berry shortcake. Don’t forget good ole Rice Krispie treats.

• Start a container garden. We went to our local nursery and bought a bunch of herbs and vegetable plants Friday night. After laying out all of the materials, we brought the kids out to replant the plants into larger pots. In less than 15 minutes we were done; a big accomplishment with just a little bit of time outdoors under the hot sun.

• Take a bus tour. Buy tickets for one of those hop on/hop off tour buses in your city. Then sit back with the kids and take in the sights from your air-conditioned seats. On really hot days, we don’t get off the bus. We just take a long leisurely tour around the city.

(Image: Flickr member Origineaux Moose, licensed under Creative Commons)