Things We Have... Um... Borrowed From Hotels

Things We Have... Um... Borrowed From Hotels

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 8, 2009

WHAT? We can't be the only one's who have pocketed something from a stay at a hotel? We're looking at your little Miss shampoo stealer, or you Mr bath robe thief! Often times extra amenities are untracked and uncharted and although that doesn't give us the right, it does make it tempting. We'll tell you ours if you tell us yours, after the jump...

Flickr Member mrtruffle has quite the collection of hotel swag that's been picked up over the last year from different hotel stays.

But body products, lotions and cleansers were never really our style. Now pillows on the other hand, that's a whole new world of fantastic. We know what you're thinking, yes pillows and we don't care how many people slept on them! When we took a trip this Spring to Chicago our hotel has simply the best pillows. Since we had already asked for an extra for extra friends staying with us, there were extras, they wouldn't miss them right?

We're sure this costs the hotel industry a great deal of money each year, but we know we can't be the ONLY one's bringing things home with us? Have you borrowed (and not returned) something from a hotel stay? Let us know in the comments below!

Post Update 7.9.09: Apologies and thank you to those who shared your honest comments on this issue, no matter which side of the line you're on. Of course, Apartment Therapy neither condones or excuses the behavioral act of theft or stealing in general.

We jested in the above post, but in all reality, packing was such a whirlwind with 6 people in 1 space, the pillow got packed by accident and was found when we returned home. Phone calls were made to pay for the item, but because of our offer to pay, we weren't billed and without a doubt will stay there again next time we are in town.

Additionally we will be purchasing more pillows to outfit our whole home. A set of 4 is $150, but it's well worth it for the best pillow we've ever slept on.

(Images: Flickr Members mrtruffle, Vincent Ma licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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