Using a Spreadsheet and Dropbox to Ease Moving

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

While moving we have noticed a few things that drive us nuts. Which box is our tech gear in among a sea of stuff? How do we effectively ensure that we can find what we need? Below we have amassed a few ideas that we have generated to aide our moving process and hopefully yours.

  1. While onerous, we really wish we would have created a simple spreadsheet with the rough contents of each box. That way if we wanted to find our cycling shoes, a quick reference of our spreadsheet on Dropbox would tell us it is in box 22.
  2. Buy smaller boxes. Tech and other stuff is extremely heavy. We assumed incorrectly that a TiVo, stereo, and assorted wires would be easy to carry in a large box. Not only was it hazardous to our spines, it also left us worried that each individual electronic could be damaged during the move. Go small to save yourself headaches and heartaches with broken tech.
  3. Load tech and its related parts in the same box. Gym duty beckoned and we went to go grab our old iPod shuffle, but we forgot its proprietary cable because it was buried in another box at the back of our storage area. This made us realize the fallacy of storing items and their requisite parts separately.

Do yourself a favor, heed our tips or suffer your own angst when trying to dig your tech bits out of various places during your move or gear storage.

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