Things We Love & Hate About Desktop Computers

Even though more and more people are using laptops, there are still core and power users who’d never trade in their desktops for daily tasks. Most of the time, these users will couple a laptop for mobile work and use their desktop at home. Here is what we love and hate about those darn desktop computers!


(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

1. Power!
If there’s one good thing about using a desktop, it’s the processing power that we all take for granted when we start using a laptop.

2. Graphics!
Most desktop computers have fairly good dedicated graphic cards. You can also easily upgrade them for a few hundred dollars to something really good, if that’s what you need. There’s nothing more annoying than being stuck on a laptop with paltry screen resolution.

3. Convenience of All-In-Ones
While not everyone has a tower, one of the most widespread options is an all-in-one desktop, like the iMac. They usually come with large screens, plenty of features, but can be a pain to upgrade.

4. Upgrades!
Think your desktop needs an upgrade? A few hundred dollars and a bit of help is all you need to boost the performance of your desktop, which is cool because it makes these computers have a longer product life.

5. Hard Disk Space
While most laptops now can have 500 to 640 GB worth of storage, most desktops can easily have up to 4 TB (4,000 GB) with only two hard drives. Costs are low and storage is cheap, meaning that if you need more storage space, you can just pop in another hard drive into your computer.


6. Size & Weight
Unless you’re using an ultra-compact desktop with a small footprint, you have some kind of a tower tucked away under your desk. While some towers are smaller than others, they are still quite large compared to laptops. The overall weight of the machine also makes it completely unportable.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

7. Windows
Although the latest Windows operating system, Windows 7, is really nice, it took a while for Microsoft to admit that Vista was bloated and slow. Unless you have an iMac, you’re probably running some version of Windows and it’s not always fun and games. People in programming and IT have a history of despising Windows, but all in all, we can say that with its latest release, Microsoft made us believers.

8. Superfluous Software
Thanks to that big hard disk, you probably have loads of programs that you don’t need. From the spyware included in all those toolbars that you use, to the programs that you no longer use. Since you aren’t worried about hard disk space, they just linger on your hard drive. Best solution is to remove and uninstall software that you don’t use.

9. Wired
There’s no mistaking it, your desktop computer needs wires. From the power plug, to the plethora of power cables needed to power up your peripherals, it’s not long before you have a cable mess. Unless you’re very diligent, these are hard to control and manage. It’s a lot easier with a laptop.

10. Stuck In One Place
When you get tired of your workstation, if you have a laptop, you can just move around to the sofa or the kitchen. With a desktop, you’re stuck in the same position.