We Don't Talk Enough About These Things (But Totally Should)

We Don't Talk Enough About These Things (But Totally Should)

Jennifer Hunter
May 29, 2015
(Image credit: Monica Wang)

There are certain awkward discussions that are frowned upon by "polite" society, but we think it's time to bust that wide open. Why shouldn't we talk about this stuff? In our pretend-to-be-perfect world, are we just afraid we won't measure up? Does it just feel funny? Either way, let's give it a try.

The rent

Aren't you curious? I was taught it was rude to talk about money, but I still can't help but think that we could all feel a lot better about our monthly bill if we had a little more rental transparency. Would you ask your neighbors what they pay? I've asked you about it before and most of you said times they are a'changing, but it's still a tricky topic for me and I suspect many others.

What it's really like to have kids

I don't have kids, but I know enough to know that the perfect mom parade is not quite reality. It's always so nice and refreshing when parents admit that sometimes having kids isn't easy and it isn't fun (even if you love the heck outta those suckers). Hearing that might just make all the difference to newbie parents who are expecting the love-glow will just smooth over all the difficulties.

Where you need help

Here's a little secret: if you ask for help you just might get it. Yet, it's just so hard for some people to ask for the help that they need. Maybe it feels like weakness to need a hand or it's just too hard to admit that you're feeling overwhelmed. Let's get over that! Needing help isn't shameful, it's smart! Ask and someone will always step up.

Rude behavior

This one drives me crazy because when a rude, inappropriate person is allowed to act that way, it's like we're all silently giving permission to be treated poorly. No! Letting someone mistreat you feels gross. Addressing the behavior head-on yet calmly is difficult to do, but you will feel so much better than if you'd let it slide.

What else? What have you been dying to talk about? Spill!

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