Household Chores You Can Do While You're On The Phone

Household Chores You Can Do While You're On The Phone

Abby Stone
Feb 10, 2012

Since I'm not very good at sitting still, I often take care of small household chores, some of which I might otherwise not find the time for, while I'm on the phone. Mindless tasks get taken care of quickly while I'm otherwise engaged. By the time the call's finished, my home has gotten a little extra TLC.

While I usually talk on a landline, which I can easily cradle in my neck, smart phone users might want to use headphones and a clip or a deep pocket for tasks that require two hands. Most of these tasks, many of which are things most of us may put off or even neglect when things get busy, are relatively quiet and mindless ones which don't require a lot of thought and don't make a lot of noise!

  • Dry mop the floor: A Swiffer type mop (I actually use cloth rags) makes grabbing dust bunnies, which tend to hang out around electronics, painless.
  • Make the bed: Pull up a duvet and shake the pillows fluffy.
  • Tidy a drawer: Organize t-shirts and pull the little used ones to donate.
  • Fold laundry: A task I hate goes quickly.
  • Clean the toilet bowl (leave the flushing til after the conversation's finished)
  • Wipe down the sink: Use a magic eraser and then wipe it out with a towel.
  • Clean make-up and hair brushes: Soak them in a very diluted shampoo.
  • Rearrange the medicine cabinet: Get rid of old medicine, put little used items in a box in the cupboard.
  • Cull old magazines and newspapers: gather up yesterday's news for the recycling pile.
  • Dust surfaces: a feather duster is a fun way to shine up surfaces.
  • Clean doorknobs and light switchplates: a spritz of window cleaner shines them up and keeps germs from spreading.
  • Wipe down the computer monitor and keyboard
  • Clean out the refrigerator: get rid of "sciene projects", wipe down the shelves with vanilla, and use tired veggies and bits of leftover meat and pasta to make fridge soup.
  • Merchandise the closet: arrange clothing by type and then by color
  • Plump the sofa pillows: and turn them over if possible
  • Clear off the coffee table: tidy magazines and gather up the remotes.
  • Return things to their place

(Image: Bradley Peters, used with the permission of the photograher)


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