Alternative Nightstands: Think Outside the Box

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Nightstands are often a bedroom’s downfall. Maybe you’ve blown your budget on the rest of the room and forgotten them, or you’ve settled for a cheapo inefficient model, or you’ve inherited an ugly bulky matching set that dominates the room. Well, a little creative thinking goes a long way, especially since nearly anything can pose as a nightstand.

Of course before you set out you have to know your nighttime needs. For some people, a surface for a bedside lamp and a glass of water is sufficient, while for others nothing short of a library of shelves and a host of drawers will do. But whatever your situation, there is a solution waiting for you!

• 1. Chair A perfect solution for chair hoarders like myself who can’t seem to pass up a cute lone chair. Since I don’t like a lot of clutter to accumulate around the bed, the simple surface and interesting shape is perfect for my bedroom.
• 2. Stack of suitcases They’re great for storing items that you don’t need on a regular basis like out of season blankets/clothing while still providing a stylish surface for everyday items.
• 3. Ladder. Stepping ladders, especially those decked out with deep steps make great shelves. You can use clamp lights as bedside lamps.
• 4. Crates. A stack of crates, or a crate turned on its side and decked out on casters makes a great and creative bedside table alternative.
• 5., 6. Floating shelves. Perfect for people who don’t want a bulky piece taking up floor space but still need a place for a book and a glass of water.
• 7., 8. Dresser/Bureau If storage is key for you, don’t settle for a whimpy nightstand, use a whole dresser!

• 9. Bookcase. All you earthquake area dwellers, don’t try this at home. Admittedly this solution is not for everybody, and I debated whether to include it at all, but it could be perfect for a studio apartment inhabitant who happens to be a very tame sleeper and likes to keep everything close at hand. Thoughts?

What’s your favorite alternative bedside table solution?