Thinking Beyond The Netbook: Is UMPC The Way To Go?

Thinking Beyond The Netbook: Is UMPC The Way To Go?

Anthony Nguyen
Apr 22, 2009

We recall not even a year ago, as netbooks started taking off, some PC companies started going after an even smaller market - ultraportable PCs. Computers that would literally fit into your pocket, bringing immediate access to a full operating system to your fingertips anywhere you go, anywhere you needed it. Still, when is small too small? Our thoughts and plenty of room for all of yours, after the jump.

Aside from the obviously over-cramped keyboard (something we've been nitpicking netbooks from the get-go), the 4.8-inchers and under PCs have a few things going for them aside from convenience of portability. The later versions of these little guys boast extremely great battery lives without the need to carry an extra-large 6-cell one, an integrated webcam for instant Skyping, and if you have 3G included on-board, you'll pretty much have a full-fledged internet machine at your finger tips without the restrictions normal cell phones tend to have.

Still, we can't help but to wonder if having yet another device in your pocket/backpack is worth it - especially when most applications and widgets available on smartphones these days basically take care of anything you can think of. Not to mention, staring at such a small screen for an extended period of time seems nothing more than just a great way to put an unbelievable amount of unnecessary stress on your eyes.

Can you think of some decent uses for an UMPC? Let us know below!

PS: Oh, and if you're wondering, the UMPC pictured above is the Oqo E2 and the Blackberry model is the Storm.

[Image: rodrigueztalent]

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