Thinking Outside the Box: Grundtal Kitchen Rails

Thinking Outside the Box: Grundtal Kitchen Rails

Abby Stone
Sep 3, 2010

Yesterday, I stopped by a friend's new apartment to see what she'd done with the place. Of course, she'd already made the expected run to IKEA. What was less expected was the ways she'd come up with to use IKEA's Grundtal towel rails.

  • In the kitchen: My friend often uses her cutting boards when she cooks or serves. When they're not being used, they're in the dishrack, drying. To keep them within easy reach in a way that's also a step up from having them live in the dishrack, she uses a Grundtal towel rail to keep them upright. An added plus: the upright boards and rail add a warm note to her otherwise utilitarian rental kitchen.
  • In her closet: Loving the fashion of wrapping a scarf around her neck, my friend has amassed quite the collection of scarves. Rather than stuff them in a drawer, where she might forget about them or they might wrinkle, a Grundtal towel rail keeps them organized and with easy reach. The scarves add dash to her wardrobe and to her closet!
  • In the bathroom: Keeping reading material within easy reach of the can and the tub, a Grundtal towel rail holds the latest issues of favorite magazines. (my friend uses the rail with two rods but you could also use the single rod or the swing out model with four rods)

Other uses you might consider for the rails:

  • As a curtain rod for a small window
  • A mini rack for drying lingerie (the four rod shelf also works well for this purpose)
  • Use a rack to hang a row of heeled shoes in your closet or by your front door.

To see the entire Grundtal system visit IKEA | GRUNDTAL. Do you have the Grundtal system? How do you use it in your house?

Images: Abby Stone

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