This Alarm Clock Wants to Train You to Sleep Better

updated Jul 17, 2020
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(Image credit: Kello)

Did you struggle to get out of bed this morning? Kello is an alarm clock and sleep trainer that wants to make it easier for you to start your day and get better rest.

(Image credit: Kello)

Currently funded over four times its goal on Kickstarter, Kello is an alarm clock, sure, but with a notable difference: it features a selection of sleep programs designed to help you get to sleep faster, hit snooze less, or wake up earlier.

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For example, the “fall asleep fast” program uses breathing techniques to help you calm your mind and body; “snooze less” limits the amount of times you can hit snooze during the week; and “wake up earlier” sets the alarm a few minutes earlier each day for a gradual transition. There are also programs for power naps, fighting jet lag, and bedtime reminders.

Kello also integrates into a smart home system using IFTTT, not only playing your fave playlists to wake you up, but also turn off your lights, open your blinds, and turn on your coffee pot.

Kello starts at $109, but if you’re not feeling the current colors of mint, grey, or blue, you can choose any Pantone hue for $199 (yes, even opaque couché).